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The largest part of your budget on your trip to America will undoubtedly be your accommodation. Fortunately, food and transport in America isn’t that expensive. You will of course find some really good deals shopping to make up for those expensive hotels, so don’t get to sad when checking the prices. 😉

If you really love the hotel experience, the sky is the limit in America as to how much you can spend. To stay in a cheap “Super 8” or something similar you can expect to pay 60-90usd. In something more decent like a Holdiday Inn you need to pay 120 -200usd. If you spend 250usd and higher you can find find some nice places to stay in. Depends on your budget and needs.

The first thing that is different about traveling in the USA is that there is no real tradition of “agroturystyka” nor “Pensions.” With the arrival of, you can now stay in peoples houses for a good price, but there isn’t usually an option for breakfast. I really advise organizing a group of 4-6 and then renting houses either through, or through another site Americans use to find vacation rental houses

The closest thing to agroturystyka it is of course Airbnb, but also a very American tradition are B&Bs or bed-and-breakfasts. These are usually small beautiful historical houses and gardens that rent rooms and cook very fancy gourmet breakfasts. They are often found in historical houses in old towns and in the countryside and are usually comparable to hotels in price, while also offering more hospitality and contact with other American guests as well as delicious breakfasts. You will get a real taste of American culture and the host/owner will be able to answer all your questions about what’s worth seeing in the area. Look here when searching

Also I am a big fan of camping in America. You must understand that it is an American tradition and a wonderful way of experiencing North America’s best nature.  The camp sites are often in incredible locations and offer very good facilities with clean showers, power supply, stores and sometimes even restaurants. What’s more, they will fit your budget at about 20-40 dollars to use the campsite and facilities. Parents take their children camping and nearly all my friends that I grew up with still continue to camp as adults to reconnect with nature. There is nothing better than at night making fires and having a few drinks while playing cards and telling stories. If you are going by car and can easily transport your tent, sleeping bags, and equipment, then definitely consider this option! Here is a site to look at camping grounds and make reservations . Also a great site to look at National Parks is .  I definitely recommend making reservations and learning about their cancelation policy if the weather isn’t good. Also you should know that a lot of campsites offer simple “cabins” or bungalows that you can also rent for a bit more money. You will still need to bring your sleeping bags. Of course there are options for “primitive camping,” where you go deeper into national parks where there are no facilities but you are even closer to nature, and you must pack everything in and out. This option of course is for the advanced outdoorsman, but, “car camping,” as I suggest, is super easy and comfortable.  Take a look below for a sample budget:

Together you would need to invest around 330usd (1250pln). All of which can easily be put into one big bag, so you can bring it back to Poland and have it all for your trips closer to home. I don’t think you could buy all these items for such a good price in Poland. If you already have some equipment that you can bring with you, then even better!

I suggest going to Dicks Sporting Good or similar stores which are found in large and medium cities throughout the US.  You can order ahead and make sure everything is in the store when you stop by. For example you can write to the store and tell them the items you will need and they will make sure to have them for you, so that you don’t have to go look for them elsewhere if they are out.

Items to buy:
1) A Tent. Today they are inexpensive in the USA and easy to assemble and put up. 100USD. It should last you a few seasons. My experience is that a new tent will have no problems with even heavy rains and they are super comfortable to set up these days. They are much better designed than what you remember in boy scouts as a kid. It usually takes me 20 minutes or less to set up a tent.
2) Sleeping Bags. Around 40usd per one so 80usd for two, or maybe you already have one to bring with you. You may want to bring a little pillow as well.
3) A Collapsable Cooler, to keep your drinks cold and snack items. Ice is very cheap and at every gas station in the USA, so you can keep a little “refrigerator” with you. It’s very helpful. (50usd)
4) Some Light Sources. Table lamp and 2 head lamps. The head lamps are must when you are walking around at nights at a camp ground. (40USD together)
5) Highly Suggested: Air Mattress and Pump (60USD together). Although you don’t need this, if you invest in it, your sleeping in the tent will be heaven. I love sleeping well in a tent and hearing the roar of the ocean or the wind in the mountain trees.

If you want to invest in a nicer tent made for lots of use and wilderness camping you can find them in any major cities at any REI . At REI you can find a very good tent for about 300-400usd. Also you can find any other equipment there, but it tends to be top end luxury products. Often they have great sales so it always pays to check them out.

I would suggest mixing up the experience and spend half your holiday or more in the natural parks and the other half in aribnb, hotels or B&Bs.

Happy Trails!

Elijah Pendergraft

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