Intensive English Trips

The greatest problem I see with my adult students besides the lack of finding a good experienced teacher, is that they are not in the right environment to learn. Most of my students have super busy lives with their stressful work situation, or children, their partner, or parents, so that when they come and visit me, they are too distracted and can’t fully concentrate or they are too tired. Plus, they have a vacation or business trip or they are sick, and therefore, cannot be consistent with learning. That is why I am combining my skills in teaching and traveling to create the perfect space with the perfect support for you to learn and have fun.

After all, how do children learn best? Through play and repetition, and adults are no different. What I would like to do is take you from your normal chaotic environment and create small groups of 3 students that I take abroad. It will create an environment where you can chill out, breathe and concentrate on learning English. I really do think a week of intensive English with a good teacher like me is more effective than a semester of classes in your stressful, inconsistent environment back home.

Also, I see a lot of parents sending their children abroad for “Language Camps,” especially in England. They generally aren’t cheap and cost at least 6,000 Polish Zloties to send your child for one week. Often, the kids come back with not much improvement. That’s because the kid is with 25 other students, a third of which are Polish and they have normally 3 hours of instruction a day. So if the kid is lucky he gets 3 minutes of speaking time in the classroom per day. Then for the rest of the day the kids spend time with other Polish kids without any teacher correcting them. In my opinion, you pay a lot and you get little. My trips may only contain Polish students, but with three students I can control the language being used, and each student gets tons of speaking time with me there guiding them. Plus we will go discover so many more places than at a language camp where they have a couple local excursions only.  I believe in quality over quantity. In addition to adults, I hope to create English camps for 18-22 year olds that are graduating high school or are in a university and need help with their English.

For a week, we will go somewhere fun, and for the first 3 days, we will do a grammar review where I go over the tenses and some major “Polishisms.” These first three days, I will be able to learn your individual mistakes and all of us will have a chance to get to know each other and relax a little. After those first 3 days, we will go on excursions together and travel a bit. It will be much more natural and fun to discus food at restaurants or museums, castles, old towns, national nature parks, or music in the car, for example, than looking at photocopied magazine articles and sweating at your desk back in Warsaw. The conversations will be organic, fun, relaxed and much much more satisfying. All the time on the trip, I will be correcting you over and over and reminding you what we learned the first 3 days. After one week,  I will make you very conscious about your mistakes, and by the end of the week you will understand the English tenses and be aware of the biggest mistakes you make. That I promise and guarantee. Additionally, Each day you will have some homework to do in your free time to allow you to absorb what we talk about throughout the day, but isn’t it a better idea to do it by some sea, at some café in an old town, or on some mountain terrace than back at your desk on lunch break?

The costs will be divided into two parts. First, will be the price that I will charge as teacher and tour guide. Second would be the costs for the trip itself.  A week trip for 3 students to somewhere in Central Europe or the Mediterranean starts at around 9,000 -10,000 pln. However, if it’s a private group of friends, family or work colleagues, I can better create the trip to your individual needs and budget. There are two levels of students for the trips, intermediate and advanced intermediate. After speaking with you for 10 minutes, I will know which trip would best suite your needs.

If you are interested in joining an upcoming group or if you want to go with some friends or family, please contact me and I will be happy to discuss the next trip I have planned.

Hope to have you along on an English adventure!

Elijah Pendergraft


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